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OT [Ham-80211] Re: ham-80211 Digest, Vol 3, Issue 2

Rick Fletcher, KG6IAL rick at teksharp.com
Sat Sep 4 03:58:26 UTC 2004

Yes, the French taught us about freedom just like we taught them how to



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Jeff and Guillaume:
I have pages and pages to say about the subject (90% along your lines), 
but, in respect of the first intent of this list, will restraint 
I'll just say this: being of french origin, with beard and mustache, and

( still) a heavy accent, I've often been asked if I was "from the 
Middle-East", and "treated" as such. These days, when I protest and SAY 
I'm french, things get even worse.......
I thought we ( the French) taught the Americans the notions of 
Freedom.... a long time ago..... Looks like the lesson has been 
distorted, since..... To-day's situation is as "transient" as the man 
behind it: I will personnally pitch in for a 1-way ticket to 
Crawford.....( while aware it won't -by much- solve all problems,
alas..) 'nuff! Back to 802 and free access..... J.P. Rouland NQ6T

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