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[Ham-80211] BOF session at the DCC?

Jeff King jeff at aerodata.net
Sat Sep 4 06:37:03 UTC 2004

Sorry, by "x" I meant fill in the blank.802.11b, g, a whatever. 

By BOF, I meant Bird of Feather, which is the name of get togethers that used 
to be held back when the DCC was called the CNC, and before it became so 

People of common interests get together. The first CNC/DCC I was at back in 
1991 I believe in San Jose, Saturday night you could basically wonder from 
room to room, finding BOF's ranging from Netrom, TCP/IP, PBBSes and I think 
9600bps radio workshops. 

I know at the last DCC (2001) I attended, the best it got was the demo 
room/table, and I don't believe any BOF's were held. So that might be a 
alternative, to bring some of your ham-80211 projects or antennas. I will be 
bring my PIC based 802.11b client device I designed as well as a few other 

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 15:47:15 +1000, Darryl Smith wrote:
>I really should read the comments in these mailing lists a bit more
>I would love to talk on 802.11x, but I have just one request...
>Could someone tell me what it actually is :-) I think it has
>something to do with security.
>The power control on Spread Spectrum talk will basically say why I
>think the SS rules are good requiring power control, and why I don't
>agree with Phil Karn on this issue :-)
>This talk is being written on tomorrow's short three hour plane trip
>to New Zealand.
>The APRS Tracking Hardware and Software talk will be written on
>Monday afternoons 11 hour plane trip from New Zealand to LA. It is
>going to talk about * An APRS-IS GPRS tracker * netAPRS software
>architecture * TeamTRACK software - more commercial but of interest
>* RINO Tracking * UI-View and the status with Roger G4IDE * CamTrack
>- Video Camera Tracking [If I can quickly re-write the software
>following XP SP2 being installed and changing some things with
>Windows Media Player]
>And then in LA or on the flight to Chicargo I may need to work on
>another presentation...
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>According to the TAPR DCC sessions list, Darryl is giving a paper on
>SS Power Control at 11:15 on Friday and APRS Tracking Hardware and
>Software at 15:15 on Friday.  I should be there to may make that one
>but will miss his first presentation.
>I am presenting Steve's, G3HPE, paper at 10:30 Saturday.
>Jeff King wrote:
>>(promise, no politics in this one  ;-)
>>Any interest in a BOF session on 802.11x at the upcoming ARRL/TAPR
>>DCC in
>>Moines Iowa USA this next weekend? I know Darryl Smith is doing a
>>802.11x and that might be a good time to announce it, if their is
>>Things we could talk/share would be homebrew antennas, tips and
>>tricks, WRT54G hacking, experiences and applications.
>>Interest, discussion?
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