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[Ham-80211] 802.16e?

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Mon Apr 11 23:08:12 UTC 2005


I am not sure if anything has been said here, but one of the holy grails of
this list has been to use the cheap 802.11 equipment on dedicated

Now imagine a piece of equipment... OFDM, so now power limits; operates 2-6
GHz, operates at 80 MPH, latencies in the Miliseconds; over 1 MBPS
bandwidth, and point/multi-point.

The 3.3 GHz version is available here in Sydney for US$120 with an Ethernet
interface. This system requires base stations but it is fast, and it does
seem to have the range thanks to power outputs.

Now, what is this? Well, it is 802.16e. A new metropolitan version of 802.11
on licensed frequencies.

This might be a better way for hams to be doing thing... If we can get the
base stations cheap, I am sure that the mobile hardware can be cheap, and on
ham frequencies...

In the next few days I will be trialing a tracker at 3.3 GHz using this

Think about it...


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