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[Ham-80211] 802.16e? not approved

nz8r at att.net nz8r at att.net
Tue Apr 12 20:38:13 UTC 2005


Just so everyone is aware...this has come up a few times in the last few weeks.  Having an IEEE ratified standard has little to do with getting product to market. 

Some of you may remember the modem days.  Companies would come out with pre-V32bis modems, pre-V32, etc.  

There are many pre-802.16e products out, some were announced and available a year ago.  These guys (competitors in the wifi space) are smart, they have prepared themselves for the market, the final standard and probably will update their systems as required.  

Of course for us "cheap" won't happen until the competitive forces kick in.



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From: "KC2MMi" <kc2mmi at verizon.net>
> Darryl-
>  In the US that spec will be known as "WiMax" for MLANs (Metropolitan Area
> LANS). Since the spec is not finalized yet, the equipment is not available
> here yet. Pre-spec 802.11n equipment, like the Wifi "pre-N" gear being sold
> here, is on the market but many of us don't want to hear about pre-spec
> equipment given the industry's reputation for bungling and creating
> techno-orphans.
>  Soon, soon. <G>
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