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[Ham-80211] Re: 802.16e?

nz8r at att.net nz8r at att.net
Tue Apr 12 20:59:25 UTC 2005

Agree 100%, there is always the requirement for the FCC hurdle, and certainly adhering to a standard helps with that, however most products get type acceptance without a standard.



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From: "Bill Vodall" <wa7nwp at jnos.org>
> > I agree it may be an opportunity, though you'll find a challenge importing
> > non-type-accepted equipment in other than your suitcase.
> Interesting issue...   As long as it's commerical equipment for amateur
> operation, won't we be faced with just the incidental emmisions type acceptance
> that any commercial ham transceiver or even computerized receiver has to
> comply with.
> It's my understanding that 'foreign' standards, at least European ones, for
> incidental emissions from equipment is stricter then U.S. standards...  I
> wonder how all that plays out.   It certainly won't be worth the effort for
> a non-US manufactor to invest much in compliance certification for the
> "booming" US Amateur market.
> Maybe it's time to check the thrift stores for bigger suitcases.
> Bill
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