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[Ham-80211] Continental & Logan

Perry - K4PWO k4pwo at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 19:41:16 UTC 2005

Still wouldn't solve the problem... Logan is looking at loss of WiFi revenue 
from prime demography... business people.  The "interference" issue is a red 

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Subject: [Ham-80211] Continental & Logan

> >From http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-05-2213A1.pdf, 
> >the
> FCC states that Continental alleges the area (louge) is under their
> exclusive access and control and therefore Logan must butt out. Seems like
> the attorneys on both sides have missed the obvious solution: Shield the
> club room! Install shielding in the walls so that Continental's wifi 
> signals
> are trapped in the exclusive flyers-club room and the problem is solved.
> Better yet, Continental can assure their members of better security and
> ensure that non-members can't steal use of the system either.
> Lawyers. Idiots. Too many of each on both sides of this one! The basic 
> issue
> is whether contract law can speak "against" other rights, and that's a
> subject only the courts can and will rule on. (And they have ruled both
> ways, and continue to do so.)
> Anyone want to send a couple thousand feet of tin foil to Continental? And 
> a
> five-figure consulting fee bill?<G>
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