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[Ham-80211] Continental & Logan

Rich Osman rich at osman.com
Wed Aug 31 13:48:57 UTC 2005

Remember: the goal here is limited attenuation, not the absolute shielding
sought in electronic security applications. 10 dB makes a big difference in an
application like this and there are products that can provide it pretty
reliably at 2.4 gHz. I don't know about this particular brand.

I understand that there's a commonly available black latex housepaint that is
generally good for 20 dB with two coats and is only about $20/gal.  Apparently
it's carbon content is high enough that it works pretty well. I was told this
by a guy who is using it as an undercoat. I'll have to ask the guy that
mentioned it what brand it is.

Thus spake ki6nj at comcast.net:

> Roy,
> I have no problem receiving that sort of information. in fact I like 
> to be apprised about the real world, but as a countermeasures career 
> specialist in my former life I am somewhat suspicious about the 
> claims of the products.
> 73 Max
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>> Here are some products to solve the problem more easily:
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