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[Ham-80211] diversity space or not

Frank kg6jve at pasadena.net
Thu Dec 15 19:09:58 UTC 2005

The diversity on most of the less expensive gear does not do "real"
diversity. On the Senao and probably the Linksys, one port is TX/RX and the
other RX only. I've not found an advantage with having two antennas. I've
used the Senao for links beyond 15 miles with 18dbi panel antennas (one
antenna on each end).

Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish?

Frank Keeney, KG6JVE

> -----Original Message-----
> On Behalf Of ariel mastracchio
>  I have a linksys bef11w40 (10-20mW) with 2 patch
> panel anntena i want to know if change it by a senao
> 2611 (200 mw) witch just 1 patch antenna will work
> fine. Some ideas? 
> is better have 2 diversity space anntena with litlle
> power or a big AP with just one antenna?

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