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[Ham-80211] Horizontal or Vertical, which is better?

Bob Gass n4fv at shcircuit.com
Sun Feb 13 21:46:46 UTC 2005

I'm trying to set up an 802.11b link to several points scattered around the
county from an elevation of 4700 feet ASL.  Average HASL at these other
points is about 1400 feet ASL and the distance away from the site on the
mountain is from 5 to 12 miles.  A 120 degree sector antenna will give
coverage to the desired area.  There are 2 WISP's in operation in some of
the area and one is on the same mountain a half mile away and a few hundred
feet higher in elevation.  They are using vertical polarization.  The
antenna for the mountain  will be a 120 degree sector 14 dbi gain antenna
with 200 mw AP.  I'm concerned about the horizontal 3db vertical beamwidth
being about 12 degrees and being able to cover the areas we need.   Can
someone provide input with experiences in using the horizontal polarization
and make a recomendation on which polarization would work best?  I know
there is 20 db of isolation by using the different polarization.  I will
be using 200 mw AP clients and 14 db gain parabolic antennas on the
stations not on the mountain. 

Bob N4FV

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