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[Ham-80211] Horizontal or Vertical, which is better?

Jack Unger junger at ask-wi.com
Mon Feb 14 00:37:09 UTC 2005


The better polarization for you to use is the one with the least noise. 
If the vertically-polarized noise level (as seen by your access point) 
is higher than the horizontally-polarized noise level, then your access 
point will be able to hear weaker incoming signals if you use horizontal 
		jack  K6XS

P.S. - The 12-degree vertical beamwidth is a separate issue. Choose your 
antenna to have the necessary gain, horizontal-beamwidth and vertical 

Bob Gass wrote:

> I'm trying to set up an 802.11b link to several points scattered around the
> county from an elevation of 4700 feet ASL.  Average HASL at these other
> points is about 1400 feet ASL and the distance away from the site on the
> mountain is from 5 to 12 miles.  A 120 degree sector antenna will give
> coverage to the desired area.  There are 2 WISP's in operation in some of
> the area and one is on the same mountain a half mile away and a few hundred
> feet higher in elevation.  They are using vertical polarization.  The
> antenna for the mountain  will be a 120 degree sector 14 dbi gain antenna
> with 200 mw AP.  I'm concerned about the horizontal 3db vertical beamwidth
> being about 12 degrees and being able to cover the areas we need.   Can
> someone provide input with experiences in using the horizontal polarization
> and make a recomendation on which polarization would work best?  I know
> there is 20 db of isolation by using the different polarization.  I will
> be using 200 mw AP clients and 14 db gain parabolic antennas on the
> stations not on the mountain. 
> Bob N4FV

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