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[Ham-80211] What is it? (probably off-topic)

J.P. Rouland jprouland at comcast.net
Mon Feb 14 05:53:56 UTC 2005

I picked-up, some time ago, a "brick" of an aluminum box, heavy, and 
looking interesting.
Made by Allen Telecom, sporting also "db Mobile", and "ActiveLink" 
Model # JAA-002 Trunking.
Has only 3 connections, and one LED for Power.
-Inside Antenna ( fitted with a 2" rubber duckie)
-Outside Antenna ( same conn. as a typical old cellphone antenna). 
Didn't get the antenna for this side.
-12V power jack.
Definitely some kind of transmitter ( solid aluminum box, some fins as 
heatsink, and the telltale of a RF power transistor's stub sticking through.

Searched Google in vain ( only one reference, in Spain, on a 
homologation list..), as well as Allen Telecom.
If anybody recognizes the "beast", and can tell me more about it, I'd 
appreciate ( probably better off-list, unless the responder thinks the 
answer can help others, too).
Thanks in advance,
J.P. Rouland NQ6T Fremont, CA
<jprouland at comcast.net>

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