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[Ham-80211] What is it? (comments)

Alex Fraser beatnic at comcast.net
Mon Feb 14 17:55:41 UTC 2005

    With all the new whiz bang technology around these days I think Hams 
and Ham radio need to find a new niche.  This answering of questions on 
technology is one thing I think hams  would do well in.  I'm afraid  our 
current image in the publics mind is of being eccentric and antique.  We 
could re shape our image as the ones to come to to get answers with such 
things as HDTV, wireless nets etc. We have internal lines of 
communication to pass info around and the training and inclination to do 
       My two bits worth.....

........ Alex Fraser  N3DER .........
......... beatnic at comcast.net .......

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