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[Ham-80211] What is it? (comments)

J.P. Rouland jprouland at comcast.net
Mon Feb 14 18:08:17 UTC 2005

That's why I "dared" ask my question....
But, this remains a 802-11 list: how many "silent listeners" did I bore, 
by starting this thread?
For the list's main user's sake, I suggest toning down, or ending this 
thread. Thanks to all responders, I think I got more info than I was 
even hoping to get, LOL!
With a big THANKS, and apologies to most,
J.P. Rouland NQ6T

Alex Fraser wrote:

>    With all the new whiz bang technology around these days I think Hams 
> and Ham radio need to find a new niche.  This answering of questions on 
> technology is one thing I think hams  would do well in.  I'm afraid  our 
> current image in the publics mind is of being eccentric and antique.  We 
> could re shape our image as the ones to come to to get answers with such 
> things as HDTV, wireless nets etc. We have internal lines of 
> communication to pass info around and the training and inclination to do 
> so.       My two bits worth.....

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