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[Ham-80211] Aerocomm Modems

Steve n0fpf at att.net
Wed Jan 26 05:08:04 UTC 2005

These types of units could be fun to play with.

  Just a few thoughts.
Most units like this are for SCADA applications. Short serial burst of 
data. They work great for that.
When it comes to the longer packet sizes of TCP/IP they might not work 
great. It would be interesting
to use a program like AGW where you can control the MTU size.

Doesn't mention any FEC or anything like TDMA for multipoint...hence the 

But what the heck...$99 bucks...worth fooling around with!

Steve's ( N0FPF ) 2 cents

At 03:26 PM 1/23/2005, Steve Lampereur wrote:

>I saw these in the RF Design magazine.  Something a few of us in Green Bay
>are seriosuly considering playing with.
>Quick summary : 1 watt 900 MHS FHSS, 115.2 kbps $99
>The URL for the home page is http://www.aerocomm.com
>The complete URL for the pdf spec sheet is:
>It appears that we could set up a DHCP sever and handle this like an
>ISP. That would be truly cool, make it a TCP/IP network.
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