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[Ham-80211] Defcon WiFi Shootout Record Set at 125 Miles for 802.11b

Frank Keeney kg6jve at pasadena.net
Sun Jul 31 04:22:44 UTC 2005

All day yesterday and through the night Team PAD
(http://www.wifiworldrecord.com) braved rain, lightning and winds over 30
mph to setup and test their equipment at their mountian top base outside of
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today at 11am they successfully made a 125 mile link using 802.11b and ran
network applications with their remote team in the mountains West of St.
George, Utah. Link built using Part 97 rules.

More to follow, including photos, video and hardware details.

Thank you

Frank Keeney
Pasadena Networks, LLC
Antennas, Cables and Equipment:

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