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[Ham-80211] Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications

Alex Fraser beatnic at comcast.net
Thu Jun 23 03:44:06 UTC 2005

I smell a request for funding....
BTW I heard a rumor that the US Department of Misinformation has 
disbanded. Can anyone verify this?

Chuck Mayfield wrote:

> I have been monitoring several groups that seem to be pushing digital 
> communications via internet and radio for emergency communications.
> All discussions that I have seen neglect the possibility of 
> electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear device EMP  at an altitude 
> sufficient to blanket the North American continent.  After such an 
> event, all solid state electronic devices would probably be completely 
> useless, since th EMP would destroy a significant percentage of the 
> semiconducter junctions included in their design.  Only ancient tube 
> type equipment and maybe equipment designed with radiation hardened 
> semiconductor devices would survive.  A majority of equipment designed 
> / developed for DOD end-users has been radiation hardened since about 
> 1985.  Other than that, almost all commercial electronics is subject 
> to destruction by EMP.  Amateur operators that plan to supply 
> emergency communications after such an event must either have 
> stockpiled and kept operational tube type equipment and or protected 
> selected semiconductor base equipment by housing it in a Faraday 
> shield for protection against EMP.
> How much of what we are discussing meets these criteria?
> Think about it people!  In my considered opinion, the most likely 
> terrorist threat we face that could cause such a scenario is not 
> unlikely.  All the terrorists (or any other enemy for that matter) 
> needs is a nuclear device and a launch vehicle capable of sending a 
> device about 100 km over mid-North America and detonating it.  The 
> launch site could be anywhere outside (or possibly inside) the 
> territorial boundaries of North American countries.
> In the National Interest, our overall emergency communications plan 
> needs to include safeguarding some sort of communications capability 
> against EMP, even if it is CW and SSB and NTS or equivalent.
> 73,
> Chuck Mayfield, AA5J
> Plano, Texas

........ Alex Fraser  N3DER .........
......... beatnic at comcast.net .......

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