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[Ham-80211] General question....newbie

Nick Kotch nkotch at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 12:05:44 UTC 2005

Hey everyone, after a couple years of being fairly inactive in amateur radio
(I'm only 24) I've become active/interested again in packet radio and other
digital modes. I've recently been reading up on some of this 802.11 stuff
and really find this are quite fascinating..especially since, being a
younger ham, it definitely sparks that interest of playing around the
"latest technology" as opposed to say 1200 baud packet.  (Nothing against it
though, that's the majority of my usage).


I guess one question I have is: what are some of the more varied uses of
these 802.11 networks (under either part15 or part97) that amateurs are
doing right now?  From the searches I've done I've just found more about
long range point to point links for experimentation purposes, and a few
general wireless network extension projects (shooting up to a remote
mountain location, etc.). But what are some websites that describe in detail
other specific uses that this is being used for?   Or.what are some other
ideas of possible uses of this technology?  


Hope that makes sense. Sorry if it's a very general question, but just
starting to learn about this stuff, and not being a programmer or network
engineer, and just having the basic knowledge that comes with the normal
tinkering w/ computers, networks and previous amateur radio experiences kind
of leaves me with a feeling of,  "this is really cool...now what sort of
things can I do with it?"   I guess since I've been using wireless networks
for a while at home and on campus (under part15 of course) it seems like I'm
struggling to realize some of the really neat future implications it holds
for amateur radio,  besides just the ability to slap on amps, antennas and
increase it's range. 


That's enough rambling from me, but wanted to say hi to all and I look
forward to learning much, much more.



Nick Kotch  KF4BYA


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