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[Ham-80211] ham-80211 Digest, Vol 17, Issue 1

va7aa va7aa at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 13 00:23:39 UTC 2005

Ok kiddies.. read the article.... is it snake oil or the Holy Grail of
telecommunications and RF??

" FORT LAUDERDALE--Communications firm xG Technology yesterday conducted
another wireless line-of-site demonstration of its xMAX solution here,
transmitting a 3.5 MB/s data stream a distance of 18 miles using less than
36 milliwatts of power using 10 MHz of unlicensed spectrum in the ISM 900
MHz band."  >>>>

That's 3.5 mbps using 36mw at 18 miles on 900mhz??


Editorial comment: http://mrtmag.com/news/xg_technology_xmax_110405/


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