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[Ham-80211] ham-80211 Digest, Vol 17, Issue 1

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sun Nov 13 01:00:44 UTC 2005

That's mostly smoke and mirrors, most probably.  KA9Q has taken this 
technology apart... several years ago... You just can't get that much 
energy out of no power.  "TANSTAAFL" to quote Heinlein: There ain't no 
such thing as a free lunch"

xG have been promoting this in some form for about 3 years.  It's 
similar in nature to ultra-wideband.  They claim they'll just raise the 
noise floor a little over a lot of spectrum... but their definition of a 
little was enough to make NTIA and FCC tell 'em they had to avoid the 
spectrum where GPS resides, or it'd be gone, and then restricted them to 
2GHz total when they wanted, almost literally, DC to daylight.  With 
xMax, they propose to use enough spectrum with itty bitty subchannels, 
and we're not talking OFDM or "conventional" spreading, here, so that 
their big center carrier is not noticed.  They offer the same hope as 
uWB:  We really won't do much to your spectrum.  As no one has really 
seen the technology in action save a bunch of tech journalists, do we 
really have a good review of what's happening?

Skeptically yours, gerry

va7aa wrote:
> Ok kiddies.. read the article.... is it snake oil or the Holy Grail of
> telecommunications and RF??
> " FORT LAUDERDALE--Communications firm xG Technology yesterday conducted
> another wireless line-of-site demonstration of its xMAX solution here,
> transmitting a 3.5 MB/s data stream a distance of 18 miles using less than
> 36 milliwatts of power using 10 MHz of unlicensed spectrum in the ISM 900
> MHz band."  >>>>
> That's 3.5 mbps using 36mw at 18 miles on 900mhz??
> http://mrtmag.com/news/xg_technology_demo_111105/
> Editorial comment: http://mrtmag.com/news/xg_technology_xmax_110405/
> Cheers..
> Richard
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