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[Ham-80211] FW: HSMM & WRT54GS

William P. J. Bressette wpj at 8inchfloppy.net
Wed Oct 5 13:03:09 UTC 2005

an update on some progress.
Thanks for the write up Paul.


From: Paul Hudson [mailto:paul at mcradio.com]
Sent: Tue 10/4/2005 11:35 PM
To: William Bressette VE3WPJ
Cc: David Karecki VE3RER; Richard Govoni VE3SHL; Dana VE3DSS Shtun; John Lucas VA3JSL
Subject: HSMM & WRT54GS

If you want to post any of the blurb below, such as the bit on the 900 MHz tests, on the MARC_HSMM, please feel free to do so.
Just an update on the HSMM progress. Richard (VE3SHL) Paul (VE3TA) and David Hudson went out with Robin (VE3VVS) and William (VE3WPJ) to the Kelso Pit on September 27. Although the results seemed rather unproductive, we did see the VE3MIS 2.4 GHz AP with a relatively good signal (16 db SNR without an amp). That inspired William to return last Saturday and try to connect with a BBQ parabola and an amplifier. He reported (on the MARC_HSMM Yahoo) that he had excellent signals but was unable to connect.
One suggestion has been that the delays may need to be increased due to the longer path (25 KM). I'm not sure but I think it takes 3.2 microseconds for a signal to travel 1 km so that would be 80 microseconds to travel 25 km, one way! I believe these delays may be adjustable with the Talisman software so that could very well solve that problem.
This afternoon (October 4) William got a few 900 Mhz routers operating. I now have a pair (of 900 MHz Routers) and two small yagis for testing in the Etobicoke area. This afternoon we had four 900 MHz routers connected in a three tier setup. With the data rate turned as low as it would go (215 kbs) we were able to satisfactorily stream Pulse 24 news video and audio while downloading numerous pictures from various other web sites at acceptable rates. We tested performance of Global earth which was also great.
We have had difficulty trying to get a link into Mississauga from Etobicoke and 900 Mhz may be the answer. That could also solve some of the non line of sight linking issues. Hopefully, the WRT54 routers will still be the main routers used in the mesh and will have to be the final connection to the laptops.
Paul, VE3TA
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