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[Ham-80211] Re: Emergency Wireless Internet (Mark Miller)

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Thu Oct 6 22:10:40 UTC 2005

Well I was part of this team that the article mentions. I went down to help
them but also brought my ham experience. You are correct in that the Ham's
can do almost the same exact thing. The problem is, the hams were not ready
or had even thought of doing anything like this. Furthermore, the hams did
not have any of the industry contacts to effectively solicit the thousands
of dollars in equipment that the WISP industry did in this case. The group
in this article operated just as hams would have, many of us were amateurs.
Ham radio really needs to step up with this technology and learn how to
quickly deploy this same architecture and offer up the same services we did.
Being able to bring a 45 megabit data link in to an area that only had maybe
2 mb down and 384k uplink via satellite before this was a major
accomplishment. We as hams need to realize that with IP technology come
critical infrastructure, most of which we can supply in short order. This is
a major paradigm shift in the way we operate.

Thank You,
Brian Webster N2KGC
www.wirelessmapping.com <http://www.wirelessmapping.com>
Free World Dialup #481416

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The print edition gave it a full page, plus a special box on the front of
"Circuits" section to pull attention to it.

-- that hams can do the same things, with the same equipment, but with
power limits
--that the NYTimes hasn't said much about ham opts in Katrina
--the government agencies are also using WiFi to set up bubbles with sat

I'd suspect the ham emcomm community (ARRL/ARES) is ignoring an important
that everyone else is grabbing off the shelf.

No, WiFi or WiMax or Sky-Fi (my own term for WiFi plus a satlink out) isn't
or CW. But as the article shows, it can be damned effective.

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