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[Ham-80211] FW: HSMM & WRT54GS

Ralph rwf at bsrg.org
Thu Oct 6 22:40:58 UTC 2005

Hi Dave-

To name a couple: Cisco 340 and 350 (the bridge model), Smartbridges (again
the bridge model, not the AP).

Leaving the 802.11b arena, I just installed a Motorola Canopy bridge (they
call it a "backhaul"). It was pretty cool. It figured out the distance, then
adjusted itself. On its web page, it shows the distance in feet and miles as
well as the air delay.

If the screen shot attachment doesn't show up, I posted it at

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On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 05:40:49PM -0400, Ralph wrote:
> Yes- you would not be able to use an "access point" for that distance. 
> A "bridge" will be required (due to its available distance/timing 
> settings), or some other way to adjust the timings required (maybe 
> this software you speak of).
> But on an access point, you are lucky to get 7+ miles regardless of 
> how much power or gain you have.
> Using bridges, I easily go 18 miles on part 15 power!


Somebody might get the idea that an "access point" necessarily has no timing
adjustments (not so) and a "bridge" necessarily has timing adjustments (also
not so).  Are you speaking with a particular brand of wireless products in

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