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[Ham-80211] Re: Emergency Wireless Internet (Mark Miller)

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Thu Oct 6 23:05:16 UTC 2005

Thank you, Brian. There's always more than the Nooze bothers to tell us.

<<Ham radio really needs to step up with this technology and learn how to
quickly deploy this same architecture and offer up the same services we did.>>

I'm not sure how interested ARRL/ARES is, in taking a national leadership and
"control" role in emcomm, as opposed to the local feifdoms and variations that
ARES has traditionally had. I'm not knocking either...but in this day and age,
and considering that folks are finally "getting it" that disaster planning needs
to be done in a uniform and reliable manner...

Who knows. Maybe Newington will express some leadership. Or (haha) maybe the
states and the fed will remember that "civil defense" already has a legal home,
infrastructure, and tradition. It was called "The Militia" before the first
National Guard designation was ever applied. It's a civil and government
function, and hams per se shouldn't need to do anything special, beyond lending
their skills to their local commands. When the members of a society function,
their government functions, and these things get taken care of. As one recent
author has remarked "We need more lions and tigers and bears oh my! On the
streets, every day, to cull the herd."

As if that's going to happen. (Not holding my breath--for the lions and tigers,
OR the societal responses.)

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