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[Ham-80211] Re: Aerocomm Modems

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 17:42:43 UTC 2005

Hi Pete, I thought I had made some comments on these before, but I can't seem to find them.

I know of a couple hams in my area that picked a couple up to play with.  They are about 5 miles apart, and with one end on a 50 foot tower, they where able to keep the link light on with the other unit in the car with nothing more than the supplied rubber duck antenna all the way to the other person's house.  

However there was a lot of interference in their area that rendered them pretty much useless, as it would knock the link out quite often.

These guys had a website with a short documentation of their experiences for a while, and I thought I had made a posting on here about it, but perhaps I didn't.  Overall they where impressed by them except for one grave problem..

Seems every house in their area was quipped with a remote radio based utility meter that periodically beacons out data, such as:
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