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[Ham-80211] Re: Emergency Wireless Internet

kd4e kd4e at verizon.net
Sat Oct 8 22:48:42 UTC 2005

 > Brian Webster wrote:
> 	I will echo your idea but take it one step further. We ally ourselves with
> groups that could use our technical expertise to restore their own
> communications systems and/or establish a suitable infrastructure to replace
> what will not be repaired in the short term. This was the thought I had when
> I went down to help the Wireless Internet teams that were featured in the NY
> times/Associated press articles. 

Can you share some details of what your wireless team has
to offer in field deployment?

Is it really local-talent-specific or could others duplicate
what you have created?

> Something as simple as me rolling in with my own
> camper with a hot shower was a huge help.

It occurs to me that better pop-up campers provide
a shower, sink, stove, toilet, and AC.  Sure would be
a whole lot cheaper than a camper, cost less in fuel,
and wouldn't tie up huge resources when not in use.

Did you see Hams with those?

I have a van to pull the thing and that is a daily
use vehicle -- it would also be more secure for the
storage of items (vs the pop-up) if away from the
vehicle.  (And a wireless link could be tied to the
alarm that would signal my HT if triggered by a

> We are communicators, no matter how we get it done 
> and with whatever technology and frequencies should 
> make no difference.

The Feds are changing perspective on this -- they want
to control what freqs and gear are used for certain types
of comms -- I presume to limit the media snoopers who do
what they did in Katrina -- promote falsehoods that harmed
the response effort in their desperate effort to sell
ads and borrow credibility by being first.  Sigh.

> Review your EMCOMM I manual, it states this.

Again, times are changing and security protocols are being
tightened daily.  We need to know how we will acquire
access authorization.  We need to know what those sponsoring
agencies expect of us.

> We need to continue to think outside the box and make it happen
> where others can't.

Absolutely!  But we are going to have to snug-up our alliances
with specific organizations and be certain we are pre-staged
in terms or training and gear for multiple scenarios as well
as physically pre-staged post-crisis.

> When we stop doing that, ham radio dies and the spectrum
> becomes more valuable to the people of America who own it, 
> to do other things.

You mean CW is not the answer to everything?  ;-)

Seriously, I have been preaching that for years ... at least
since I was a SEC for a while here in West Central FL.

The challenges to this are FCC restrictions, goofy decisions
at the ARRL re. outrageously costly proprietary "solutions"
like Pactor III, lack of clarity vis-a-vis key MOU's with
Red Cross, Salvation Army, SBC Disaster Assistance, CCA -
Disaster Response, and others, and manpower challenges.

The DMAT structure is one that lends itself to a really
good volunteer-training but Fed-employee-when-deployed
option.  http://www.fl3dmat.org/

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
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