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[Ham-80211] Aerocomm Modems

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Fri Oct 14 22:04:30 UTC 2005

  See below:

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>Bill Diaz a écrit :
>>>BTW, anyone remembers the tree attenuation per meter for 900 MHz?


>I must say that I'm quite surprised with your noise figures, 
>we've been 
>using a 2.4 Km 900 MHz with 1.5 Mbps actual throughput in Quebec City 
>(pop. around 700K) with no problem beside ice in the winter. 
>However, I 
>must say that Quebec City is not very dense.

One of the differences may be the relatively high elevation of the AP's.
They are exposed to inband and out of band signals from multiple systems.  A
low elevation link may not experience the same level of problem.

> > However, based on my experience, I would STRONGLY recommend 
>horizontal > polarization regardless of location.

>I was considering using yagis, I think that they are vertically 
>polarized, right? Can I put them at a 90 deg angle to get horizontal 

Most 900 yagi's are vertically polarized.  A few Mfg provide the ability to
use horizontal or vertical.  The MaxRad antenna's we use are vertical only.
However, MaxRad sells a mounting kit that permits the antenna to be used
horizontally (rotated 90 degrees) as well.  

Bill KC9XG

>Thanks and 73,
>Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
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