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[Ham-80211] FOLLOW UP: Which PDA to buy as a WiFi Finder?

American Common Defence Review 4donhamrick at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 16:59:17 UTC 2006

KC2MMI \(Jared\)" <kc2mmi at verizon.net> Don, surely you jest?  Spend $25-30
on a keyfob-sized WiFi finder and hang that on your belt or computer case.
Then spend $500 on whatever PDA makes the best PDA for your needs. Every
time you hold a PDA you put $500 and all your data at risk just by dropping
it or having it grabbed out of your hands. Doing that just to see if there's
WiFi around before you bother pulling out your computer, seems kinda

ROFLMAO! I did spend $25 on the Kensington WiFi Finder keyfob. It was
completely unreliable and useless for my needs. I am a U.S. merchant seaman
and I travel constantly around the U.S. and around the world. I needed a
convenient method to finding WiFi hotspots without pulling out and setting
up my laptop everytime on speculation. There is also the intrinsic purpose
of the PDA for business and recreational applications. So, a $500 PDF WiFi
finder is not pointless. Using a $500 PDA as a WiFi Finder is a bonus
feature to its intended purpose.

Mike Delp mdelp at wisperisp.com Ipaq 3900 series with an expansion sleeve that
holds PCMCIA cards; mini-stumbler (PocketPC version of netstumbler); a prism
card is 200mw, and a 19db panel antenna kicks it.

 Paul Hendry paul.hendry at skyline-networks.com
Nokia E70. Is a mobile + VoIP + wifi + runs Symbian which has a couple of
stumbler type programs. I have one and it means with a PuTTy for Symbian I
can look after my network no matter where I am ;)

Marlon K. Schafer <ooe at odessaoffice.com>
Don't know if it'll work on a pda but this program is very helpful.  I use
it quite a bit.  Won't show non wifi systems, but it sounds like that's all
you need it to do.  Best one out there.  Most wireless ISPs I know use it.

jeff at aerodata.net
Hi Marlon: Yeap, it will work on a PDA and that is what I use. They call it
mini-stumbler but it is similar to netstumbler. PDA I use is a Dell Axim...
forgot the model number.

"Ralph Fowler" <rwf at bsrg.org>
Cingular 8125 (also sold by Verizon, Tmobile (as the MDA)  and Sprint):
Phone, PDA, WiFi, Bluetooth. No Dongle needed! Awesome. Use Wi Fi Fo Fum
because it works like Kismet and detects hidden Aps that don't respond to
broadcast pings. Mini Stumbler has to associate before it will show one up.
Can't associate if it isn't "open". That's the combination I use and I carry
one device for all!

I was on a Greyhound trip from Norfolk, Virginia to Arkansas when I posted
my inquiry. I my internet seach, compare and availability I bought the HP
hx2795b Pocket PC.

*WiFi Software*
 *Winc (Laptop Wifi Finder & Connectivity Software)*

Because I had already downloaded Winc and installed I went ahead and
installed PocketWinc on the HP hx2795b Pocket PC PDA.
PocketWinc* (PDA WiFi Finder & Connectivity Software)

I will check out NetStumbler and Mini-NetStumbler and compare them with Winc
and PocketWinc to see which is better with their features.

My next step is to buy the Linksys WCF54G so that I can use the PDA as a
WiFi Finder for 802.11g WiFi HotSpots so that I can breakout my laptop to
get on the Internet when I travel.

*Linksys Wireless-G Compact Flash Card, WCF54G*

Thank you for your help.

My next curiosity question is Amateur Radio use of 802.11b and 802.11g WiFi
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