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[Ham-80211] Which PDA to buy as a WiFi Finder?

Frank Keeney kg6jve at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 21:09:08 UTC 2006

Ditto on WiFiFoFum, this is what I use.

I did a little review of the T-Mobile MDA PDA with some mobile wireless
software recommendations:

I do find that WiFiFoFum is a cpu hog on the MDA.


> -----Original Message-----
> On Behalf Of Ralph Fowler
> Cingular 8125 (also sold by Verizon, Tmobile (as the MDA)  
> and Sprint):
> Phone, PDA, WiFi, Bluetooth. No Dongle needed! Awesome.
> Use Wi Fi Fo Fum because it works like Kismet and detects 
> hidden Aps that
> don't respond to broadcast pings. Mini Stumbler has to 
> associate before it
> will show one up. Can't associate if it isn't "open".
> That's the combination I use and I carry one device for all!

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