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[Ham-80211] Interesting use

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 21:49:33 UTC 2006

A few locals have been laying with a derivative of Asterisk called 
Trixbox... which is basically an open source PBX . (And Trixbox is a web 
front end for Asterisk)  I have a Zyxel wifi phone and have been looking 
into possible two-way radio integration:
http://www.allstarlink.org/  And if nothing else, since that route seems 
expensive, a simple FXS interface to an under used autopatch could be 

Asterisk is some very powerful stuff, perfect anyone who is familiar with 
Linux and likes to tinker.  What's neat is when you add a WiFi phone to the 
mix, it's has the potential as 2.4 GHz digital voice ham radio.

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