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UPdate (was Re: [Ham-80211] WRT54GL AP?)

Jack Taylor jack at n7oo.com
Wed Jun 7 17:45:32 UTC 2006

We installed WRT54GL's with DD-WRT software to replace our ailing point to
bridging wap11 radio link. We followed a suggestion in one of the DD-WRT
about configuring one end as an AP and the other as a client bridge, both
ends feeding
a LAN port to the appropriate server.

At first blush, this appeared to work great, the RSSI indicating a good
strong radio path
and excellent PING results over the link.

Our network:

TNOS <--> Linux <--> SERVER <--> WRT </\/\/> WRT <--> SERVER <--> DSL

We can ping and traceroute internal network addresses just fine.
But we can't ping or traceroute the outside internet to or from TNOS.

Has anyone on the forum set up a point to point link using DD-WRT and if so,
could share their configuration?

73 de Jack  -  N7OO

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> The WRT54GL is a router/AP. If you want to use it as an AP, just turn off
> the DHCP server and the firewall function. I'm doing exactly this at one
> of my installs using DD-WRT and works like a champ.  I believe most of the
> builds can also function in a bridge mode as well.
> > Appears one of our WAP11's has rolled over and died.  We've set these up
> > for
> > wireless bridge mode.  Lately I've become aware of a lot of buzz over
> > WRT54GL routers and 3rd party Linux software.  Does anyone know if
> > one of these would be a suitable replacement for a WAP11?
> >
> > 73 de Jack  -  N7OO

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