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[Ham-80211] APC

hfeinstein at cox.net hfeinstein at cox.net
Wed May 17 17:24:06 UTC 2006

I recall the original intent of the APC rule was to limit the RF
spectral density from a large community
of amateur spread spectrum users.  The channel models that
people used back when the rules were amended to include APC were written anticipated self-jamming and a high noise level from a
large population of users.  Alas, no such large amateur community 
of spread spectrum users ever materialized but we were stuck with
the APC clause anyway.  My support for removing APC is as an 
experimenter with continuing interest in amateur spread spectrum.
The equipment I use for experimenting is either homebrew or
locally modified commercial equipment.  Avoiding  complexity
is something I really appreciate.  Second, as I mentioned above, the original 
intent of APC solved a  problem that never appeared. 
In fact, the number of active amateur spread spectum experimenters
could probably fill a small room with lots of seating left over. 
Amateur spread spectrum  is authorized on
a variety of UHF and microwave amateur bands.  My experimental interests are
in these other frequency bands and not in the 2.4Ghz band.  So, I don't
see any real conflict between current 802.11 users or operators  and amateur spread spectrum experimenters ( the very few I know).

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