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[Ham-80211] OT??? High power 2.4 GHz rules change

Jeff King jeff at aerodata.net
Wed May 17 17:45:49 UTC 2006

On Wed, 17 May 2006 10:20:18 -0700, Marlon K. Schafer \(509\) 982-2181 wrote:
>>You might look for some of the public statements that hams have
>>made to the effect that they wanted to run amateur TV in the 2.4
>>GHz spectrum simply to interfere with unlicensed users.
>Why would they want to do something like that?  Certainly HAMs
>aren't jerks just to be jerks!  I know there are no WISPs with that
>attitued!!!!  lol

I was going to reply to Tim's missive, but you beat me to it.

Yes, I have seen the same verbal bravado Tim alludes to. But it would be a very bad idea citing that as hams could come back with FCC cases where WISP's where fined for interfering with hams. Case law generally trumps rumor and innuendo.

As to no WISP's with that attitude... well, I was on ISP-Wireless for quite a few years, and I remember more then a few WISP's wanting to modify microwave ovens and put 802.11b cards in test mode to knock their competitors off the air. If WISPA is going to take this tactic, you might want to disable the search engine on the ISP-Wireless list as it is ripe with Hillbilly logic.

People are people, and I don't hold anyone higher then anyone else. Just a bad idea to descend into the gutter.

Your fear is not justified, let it go. Most hams on 2.4ghz are not even required to use APC and they are a far larger threat to WISPS then hams that run spread spectrum. Be aware, the ones not running APC for all intensive purposes appear as dead carriers where as most hams running spread spectrum will follow proper channel contention rules (802.11b/g that is).


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