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[Ham-80211] Re: High power 2.4 GHz rules change

jeff at aerodata.net jeff at aerodata.net
Thu May 18 15:36:06 UTC 2006

> You have amateur radio using 420-450 MHz in the most populated areas of
> the U.S.

Ahh.. careful use of words. "Populated areas". Does this mean you disagree
with my statement that over the bulk of the U.S. landmass, 440 is as dead
as a doornail (highly underutlized) most of the time?

> FYI amateur radio IS really a secondary user in the 420-450 MHz band as
> the military can and does use it.

That can be said about just about anything. If the military wants it, the
military will take it. Do you commonly have problems with the Military on

> The solution to the WISP problem and the entire wireless broadband access
> is
> the governments failing to provided a large protected frequency band for
> such purpose...that is IF they do mean for WISP activity to be a primary
> distributor of broadband Internet access.

The undisputed RF device that changed the late 20th century as well as
provided a undisputed tool for Ecom's, was the cell phone. Cell phone
companies provide a service at a cost to the consumer. Yet they paid
billions of dollars for these protected frequency.

Tell me why the goverment should provide welfare to the WISP industry?

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