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[Ham-80211] WRT54GL AP?

Stephen Brown Jr stephen.brown75 at gmail.com
Sat May 20 16:27:09 UTC 2006

I'm using a WRT54G which I believe was the predecessor to the GL running
DD-WRT. It is extremely robust and runs really well. I also had sveasoft's
firmware on there (alchemy) but I found DD-WRT to be better and there is no
cost unlike sveasoft's firmware. There are others out there as well, but
these are the only 2 I am familiar with.


73 de N1VLV

On 5/20/06, Jack Taylor <jack at n7oo.com> wrote:
> Appears one of our WAP11's has rolled over and died.  We've set these up
> for
> wireless bridge mode.  Lately I've become aware of a lot of buzz over the
> WRT54GL routers and 3rd party Linux software.  Does anyone know if
> one of these would be a suitable replacement for a WAP11?
> 73 de Jack  -  N7OO
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