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[Ham-80211] WRT54GL AP?

doc kd4e at verizon.net
Sat May 20 21:24:21 UTC 2006

> I've had pretty good results with the Buffalo units from Best Buy, 
> namely the G54S.  They're cheaper than the Linksys too and readily 
> available.  The new incarnations of the G and GS from Linksys use 
> VXworks and have very limited memory.  They're not particularly helpful 
> for running Linux.  The GL will run Linux, but costs more or is harder 
> to locate (usually retail stores don't have them).  I have to say the 
> Buffalo units seem to be better made, but also their factory software 
> seems to be well done.
> Best of all they're supported by DD-WRT, which is a good Linux 
> implementation.  Be forewarned that at this time it's impossible to 
> reflash the unit back to the Buffalo firmware if you flash it to 
> DD-WRT.  However, no real need to.  At a price of about 50-60 bucks, it 
> was cheaper than a WRT54GS but had the same memory and whatnot.  Best 
> Buy carries them as regular inventory, one of the few places that seems 
> to carry Buffalo locally.
> --Droo, K1XVM


I have a PCI card and a PC Card, neither is Linux
friendly.  AirStation g54.

They've refused to provide the necessary info for native
Linux drivers to be written so an ugly and unreliable
ndiswrapper kludge has to be used.

I bought them because they were the most powerful
and because they both offered an external antenna
connection but they have been collecting dust here.

Is there finally a Linux driver or is what you are
describing for an entirely different chipset?

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e  http://bibleseven.com
Ham Links: http://bibleseven.com/hl.html

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