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[Ham-80211] OT??? High power 2.4 GHz rules change

jeff at aerodata.net jeff at aerodata.net
Sun May 21 18:25:29 UTC 2006

> I see the wide area (omni, point to multipoint) 802.11x use that many hams
> tend to envision, based on the FM repeater paradigm, as being extremely
> inefficient and a misuse of a technology that was never intended to be
> used in that way.

And how is that different then the curent state of 90%+ of the WISP
industry, other then hams are "talking" about it, and the WISP's have done

> Too
> many hams pay NO attention to the "use the minimum power necessary" rule.

Ok, so another law to fix the law everyone is ignoring? Makes sense.

> Any evening, you can tune the HF bands and hear any number of people
> running legal limit (or more) on 80m/40m/20m to talk to some guy across
town ...

HF.. you mean SSB. You do realize that this APC request has nothing at all
to do with this, just as the WISP misconception of 100watt ATV on 2.4ghz
had nothing to do with it? APC does not nor will it apply to what you
speak of nor what the WISP industry fears the most... solid on carriers
blanketing a wide area.

BTW Carl, I think it is proper for you disclose your industry connections
here, if you still have any. Nothing wrong with them, good perspective,
but Marlon disclosed his.

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