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[Ham-80211] OT??? High power 2.4 GHz rules change

Carl R. Stevenson wk3c at wk3c.com
Mon May 22 14:52:32 UTC 2006


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> On Sunday 21 May 2006 13:13, jeff at aerodata.net wrote:
> > Tim told us:
> > > I am not against high power being used on SS. I *am* against it 
> > >being used indiscriminately.
> >
> > Already covered. I suggest you read the FCC rules, as your concerns 
> > are already addressed -> 97.313(a)An amateur station must use the 
> > minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the 
> desired communications. ).
> No, not already covered. If it were already covered we 
> wouldn't have the problem on the HF bands with people running 
> amplifiers when they are not needed. The thing about HF is 
> that these are narrow-band signals and lots of spectrum space 
> exists so you can avoid them by turning your vfo dial. With 
> just a few SS channels available that a multiplicity of users 
> have to share, turning the dial is not that easy. And if you 
> shift to a different spreading code then how do you find 
> anyone to talk to?

And, it should be realized that the spreading codes and other techniques in
use in Part 15 WLAN equipment (and those allowed in Part 97) are not up to
the task of CDMA frequency reuse.

Carl - wk3c

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