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[Ham-80211] Reverse sma connectors?

Jim Tarvid tarvid at ls.net
Mon Apr 30 00:40:44 UTC 2007

I have a 9dbi bat from hyperlinktech on the Motorola WR850G on my desk
which works with my laptop with a Proxim 8470WD PCMCIA card at 150'.
Signal passes through two 12" thick solid brick walls and tthree frame
walls. I do use the laptop near a large window and signal fades if I
do not. You may need to orient the case so it does not block the

They also sell a decent mag mount with a N connector base which can be
used omnis which I have used in my car with some success.

Orders less than a $100 are best handled through a reseller such as

150' is enough for me around the farm but I suspect your WAN is
considerably larger. I am planning on trying a 900Mhz solution with
Ubiquiti cards next month to try an connect to my office 13 miles
away. The topography is not in my favor but with two relays, I might
make it.

Jim Tarvid

On 4/29/07, Bob <k8ys at fuse.net> wrote:
> Not exactly on a ham radio topic, but it may well be soon....
> I have a 802.11b/g card in a computer that I have dedicated to the motor
> home.... The card uses a SMA connector with a socket instead of a pin. I
> think that I need to get the antenna away from the computer case to get
> maximum range from the WiFi card.
> I am looking for suggestions for an antenna. I really do not want to
> drill a hole in the roof of the motor home, so I have been thinking
> about a "desktop dipole" as I have seen them called on eBay.
> If this works, there is a group that wants to build a WAN under FCC 97
> rules. The skeptics are telling me that I will never be able to get a
> signal strong enough out of a part 15 card to do any good.
> Bob K*YS
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