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[Ham-80211] Reverse sma connectors?

Rich Osman rich at osman.com
Mon Apr 30 05:06:00 UTC 2007

Thus spake Bob <k8ys at fuse.net>:

> The current project, and the "test bed" system is located in my RV. Many
> campgrounds offer WiFi access, and I have an access point at home so
> that when the RV is home, it is part of my LAN.
> Right now, my signal is 49% to 61% and that link is not stable enough
> using the supplied antennas.

Is the coverage problem the backhaul to your WRT54G from the house  
LAN, or is it between the RV-AP and Client?

> The AP is a Linksys WRT54G with two fixed antennas, but the WiFi card
> has a SMA-R connector.

Is this WiFi card used for the backhaul?

> I would think that just about any 2.4GHz antenna would be better than
> the existing antenna on the card that is on the remote system.

Do you need this to be omni, or are you willing to aim it?

> After I am able to make the RV system work, my brother-in-law,
> father-in-law and I would like to build a WiFi WAN with a 7 mile
> footprint to start.

Again, 7 miles for the backhaul to an AP, right?  You'll need a  
directional antenna on at least one end of the link to get a  
reasonable link.

> Bob K8YS

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