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[Ham-80211] 2.4 GHz remote broadcast

Ralph Fowler rwf at bsrg.org
Fri Feb 16 03:55:08 UTC 2007

It is more than just a "Ham Band". They are licensed and are primary to us!

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Monday I noticed that a local TV station was doing a remote broadcast from
downtown.  What's interesting about this is that much to my surprise this
was done on 2.4 GHz analog.  I could see it with a Wavecom Jr.  So for a few
hours the 2.4 band was trashed.  It started with a color test pattern a bit
fuzzy as they were apparently aiming the remote van's antenna towards Scrays
hill, which I am in the path of.
Pretty nice that the local TV stations use a Part 15 band and ham band! for
that I thought... 

A quick look at the 2400-2483.5 MHz licenses in WI shows: 
County: Brown
Broadcast Callsign: WGBA
EIRP: 60 dBm (1000 watts!)
Transmitter Manufacturer: Microwave Radio Comm. 
Transmitter Model: Code Runner 

There are other entries, all TV related, that was the only local one I found
and this interesting, because their operations are right in the middle of a
ham band. Quite surprised and confused to see licenses for this..  Someone a
while back point out there are licenses for stuff on the band... This one
isn't government related, so quite frankly I'm confused, as it doesn't quite
follow the band allocations?

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