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[Ham-80211] Re: 2.4 GHz remote broadcast

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 00:13:38 UTC 2007

Thanks for your reply Jack.. A bit if research shows you're correct.  2450-2483.5 MHz is allocated for TV auxilary broadcast.  I was not aware of this.  So just above the ham band, as it stops at 2450 MHz.   The license I found for a different (WGBA) local TV station I found isn't anything weird after all.

However what I witnessed Monday was centered on 2413 MHz, from WBAY.  Could it be that what I saw from them was indeed a Part 15 thing, or do you think they were opperating under some newly formed STA?  I guess now that I know a bit more about this, next week I'll call and inquire.

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