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[Ham-80211] Re: Ubiquiti Networks

Steve Lampereur kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 02:29:32 UTC 2007

Depends on who "they" is, I'd imagine.  Ubiquiti is
obviously marketing
some of their products (2.5-2.7 GHz & 2.7-2.9 GHz
products ) for licensed 
users.  There is a small 3 GHz license free allocation
in some countries, and last I check it was a proposal
in the US.

So who are the users of their 2.5-2.7 GHz & 2.7-2.9
GHz products ?  I can 
guess but thats about it.

Original Message:
I don't think that anything in the 1 - 2 GHz band
would get FCC approval.
What freq would they use?

Check out the FCC site. I can't find the 3 GHz units
there. I didn't know
3.6 GHz is a license-free freq, so I went looking.

All the info is at  www.fcc.gov/oet  click on
equipment authorization.
Their Grantee code is SWF. Their product IDs all have
a dash in them, ie;
SWF-SR5, so the product code is

Jim, W1EQO

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