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[Ham-80211] WAP54 bridge trouble

Larry schntv at adelphia.net
Tue Jun 5 18:20:39 UTC 2007

I am using 2- WAP54 with 24 DB antennas, in bridge mode, about 
half a mile apart. there are some trees in the path.
the system worked fine during the winter, and I am sure the 
leaves are a problem.
the strange thing I am questioning consens the fact they 
connect fine and will handle data for a few minutes then seem 
to loose contact.
if I wait half an hour the work again for a few minutes.
is there a setting I should change??
would an amplifier help?
I cant trim the trees, they are not mine.


Schneider TV & Electronic Inc.
5415 N. Wooster ave.
Dover, Ohio 44622       www.geocities.com/schntv2000/
330-343-0768         FCC. first class & Extra class K8WLY

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