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[Ham-80211] WAP54 bridge trouble

Marlon K. Schafer ooe at odessaoffice.com
Tue Jun 5 20:39:51 UTC 2007

One of the problems with using the consumer grade gear is that it gives 
crappy signal level indications.

For a wifi signal to work in b mode you normally only need about -80 to -85 
dB.  G mode will be closer to -65 to -70.

.5 miles with 24 dB grids is a LOT of power.  It's very likely you are 
picking up interference, multipath etc.

Here are a couple of tests to try.  Cross polarize your antennas.  See what 

Point one or both antennas 180* away from the other end of the link.

If any of these tests helps, you likely have too much power.  WiFi is touchy 
that way sometimes.

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This sounds to me like you have no link margin. The leaves raised the
link loss to a level too high to allow reliable communications. Yes
amplifiers will probably help. What you need to do is calculate the link
loss with the leaves, and either raise the antennas to remove this loss,
or increase the power to compensate. Power can be increased by using
bigger antennas, receive pre amps, or power amplifiers. You can use the
calculations on this web page:
http://www.wirelessconnections.net/calcs/calculations.asp I am not
associated with this page.

Fred Juch, N5JXO

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Is it repetitive and predictable?  In other words, after 5 minutes it
"shut down" for 25 minutes then it works again for 5 minutes...?  It
almost sounds like it could be a heat issue.  The transmitter heats up
and maybe a trace breaks contact or something.  It does not sound like a
setting (I assume you have not made any changes to the nodes since the
last time you knew it to work).  The colder temps in the winter could
have kept the unit from over-heating, but now the hotter, summertime
temps are here and causing a heat issue.


--- Larry <schntv at adelphia.net> wrote:

> I am using 2- WAP54 with 24 DB antennas, in bridge mode, about half a
> mile apart. there are some trees in the path.
> the system worked fine during the winter, and I am sure the leaves are

> a problem.
> the strange thing I am questioning consens the fact they connect fine
> and will handle data for a few minutes then seem to loose contact.
> if I wait half an hour the work again for a few minutes.
> is there a setting I should change??
> would an amplifier help?
> I cant trim the trees, they are not mine.
> thanks,
> larry
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> Dover, Ohio 44622
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