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[Ham-80211] WAP54 bridge trouble

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 ooe at odessaoffice.com
Wed Jun 6 16:12:05 UTC 2007

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From: "Larry" <schntv at adelphia.net>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007 7:03 AM
Subject: Re: [Ham-80211] WAP54 bridge trouble

>I agree it is probably the leaves, but it seemed strange how it will down 
>load data for a few minutes than get lost.
> then after a period, work for a few minutes again.
> I was hoping there were some tweaking I could do to the WAP54 setup.
> also there are days it works perfect then maybe the rain or humidity 
> changes and its gone.
> As someone mentioned, it is a very strong link, if there were no trees. so 
> I wonder if more power or more antenna gain would even help.
> my antenna is up about 40 ft. but the neighbors trees are about 80 ft.
> I cant afford to go that high as a test.

Try going UNDER the trees.

> How can I tell if another station is blocking my signal.

That's pretty rare.  WiFi is designed to share spectrum with other similar 
systems.  If it were a non wifi system causing you grief it would likely be 
more consistant.

> I have tried different channels with little success.

Only channels 1,6, and 11 are non overlapping with other.

> how about even a microwave oven interfering?

Again, it can happen.  But it would not likely be so long at a time.

> I am considering buying an amp, I never used one, what would the group 
> recommend?

Don't.  Not for this short of a link.

If you insist on playing with an amp (that'll put you over the eirp rules 
for any channels above 5 or 6 as I reacall) look at shireen, teletronics or 
rf linx (or is it rf lynx?).  Hyperlink is a popular brand but they tend to 
sell people amps that put them outside of the FCC rules so I don't like 

Hope it helps,

> thanks again,
> larry
> Schneider TV & Electronic Inc.
> 5415 N. Wooster ave.
> Dover, Ohio 44622       www.geocities.com/schntv2000/
> 330-343-0768         FCC. first class & Extra class K8WLY
> Joe S. Borovetz wrote:
>> The trees are the major problem. I have seen it happen time and again on 
>> 2.4 wireless LAN links......not using 802.11 but the same applies for 
>> wi-fi.
>> I have a friend who did links for a major oil company and they confirmed 
>> time and again that trees and 2.4 do not mix. The same goes for 5.8.
>> Motorola Canopy which is usually reliable died in the presence of trees.
>> Joe
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