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[Ham-80211] Ubiquiti SR9

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 20:56:30 UTC 2007

Alright, perhaps I should have posted more about it.


It's about the same price as the Aerocomm ConnexLink, but a lot faster. At 
almost a watt, comparable power.  While the Aerocomm units are FHSS, these 
are not, they are 802.11 like clones, so you can have them in 802.11b  = 
DSSS or 802.11g = OFDM.

I found a new notes:
There are a few requirements one must follow with SR9 cards, that have been 
pointed out by Ubiquiti:
*) The card does not perform well if rate exceeds 18Mbps
*) 802.11b mode is recommended, as 802.11g is very prone to interference 
with the SR9
*) You must use long preamble at all times
This persons testing has shown that the optimal TX power setting is 15.

I stumbled into only one other report so far.  Where they "punched 5 miles 
through some trees and houses.  Using attic mounted antennas (13db) and the 
Ubiquiti SR9 cards they could get a signal to noise between 10 and 20 and 
move a couple of megs of data at the home."

Since 2.4 is so trashed, this is interesting.  And I'd like to hear more 
reports where people use them in similar "less than ideal" situations.  I 
noticed they sell a 900MHz Cavity Filter, so that makes you wonder if thats 
going to be needed or for just really bad areas...

You could add a 3 watt Hyperlink bidierectional amp to it, for plug and play 
people.  It really boils down to how well it does with other near by 
signals.  But even with that pricey amp, you beat the price comparison to a 
D-Star ID-1 setup.

Those are my thoughts.  I'd like to hear more about it. 

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