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[Ham-80211] Activity - comments and idea

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Wed Jan 30 06:13:23 UTC 2008

David Josephson wrote:
> The most effective throughput is dependent on too many different 
> parameters to throw a dart and say one method is better. What do you 
> mean by "bandwidth requirements we have for 2m and 70cm"? What sort of 
> traffic do you want to pass?

why the focus on 2 m and 440.  I know the bands are virtually empty except for a 
brief period around rush hour but most that territory has been claimed.  The 220 
band is almost completely vacant except for empty repeaters  and we have a 
megahertz or so around to 19 specifically for data transmission (channelized, 
100 kHz wide channels).


Speech-recognition in use.  It makes mistakes, I correct some.

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