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[Ham-80211] ham-80211 Digest, Vol 37, Issue 3

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 3 07:39:01 UTC 2010

Just this week I have been improving my microwave Fresnel zones by taking down some old elm trees in my yard :-)  Taking down three foot diameter trees is more work than putting up a tower so I don't recommend planting anything other than aluminum trees.

I finally started messing with a pair of Ubiquiti XR-9 cards.  I'm still always cooking up things with Asterisk.  Google voice and pygoogle can be a hams gateway to the public telephone network.

I've still got my hopes to see a SIP to D-Star translation further developed.

I saw the FCC proposal to eliminate the automatic power control on spread spectrum a few weeks ago and can't help but think we need to be experimenting with SS on 70cm.  This could be beneficial for those affected by pave paws... to bad the band plans are still the hindering factor.

> Yes, it has been a while for most of us. I forgot as well
> that I am a member of this mailing list.
> So what is everyone currently doing (be honest), and what
> would you like to be doing?


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