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[Ham-80211] NLOS on 33 cm

Steve kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 02:11:51 UTC 2010

I haven't done a ton of testing of the XR9.  But the preliminary report is
about a mile NLOS, using a 5 MHz channel, with a base station at 35 feet into a 6-dBd omni antenna and a magnet-mounted antenna on the car.  Usable connectivity is a bit less than that.

Not exactly impressive, but I wanted to share that.  I'm sure things will be more successful when I get around to sticking a yagi up in the air at a few locations.

For comparison:

With the AeroComm I reported solid mobile coverage for about 5 miles.  And was had non-solid for out to about 7 miles.

To be expected as the data rate is substantially better with the XR9... so there is your trade off.

If you are looking for a NLOS solution, may I direct your attention to something for the 70cm band:


This was recently brought to my attention, and is Very Interesting.  I am hoping to get in touch with XAGYL in the next few days to see what else I can learn.

XAGYL Communications, appears to be a Canadian Distributor of Ultra High-Speed, Long Range Wireless equipment.  It looks like about a year ago they partnered with Doodle Labs, a privately held manufacturing company with headquarters in Singapore to design and manufacture a new line of long range Wireless Data Transceiver devices.


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