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[Ham-80211] ham 802.11 and mainstream ham magazines

Juch Iii, Roy F (Fred Juch (NSS Wireless)) fred.juch at hp.com
Mon Oct 11 13:47:22 UTC 2010

Soapbox On:
I believe that most people who are interested in any specialized aspect of a hobby such as HSMM, typically dive too deep in for a general magazine article. What you need to get converts to any specialized mode of communication, is the killer app. Yes many people do things for the challenge such as moon bounce, or WAS. But with HSMM, most people today get an access point put their call on it and mount it on their tower and they are done. Even if they load a different OS on the AP, they start getting setting up a network with their buddies, there is not a killer app to draw people to the medium. I have a few suggestions:

*         Digital ATV - show people your current projects, have weekly nets, broadcast the club meetings even if it is a rebroadcast

*         Backup email network for emergency services with high speed for pictures (emergency services use) with weekly tests

*         HSMM in a go kit so you can set up a hotspot anywhere for emergencies or fun. Do this at a field day.

*         ....
This is what it will take to get HSMM off to a good start and off the path of 1200 Baud packet radio.

I hereby give the  rights to these thoughts to anyone who wants to write an article.
Soapbox off:

Fred Juch, N5JXO
fred.juch at hp.com / Email
1706 Walsh Drive
Round Rock, TX 78681

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